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Welcome to The Thirsty Scholar the Attic Night Club.

Manchester Live Music at its Best!

Live ActsThe Thirsty Scholar is Manchester's best free live music venue! Here you will find the best up and coming acoustic artists, bands and DJ's.The live music runs from Monday to Thursday while the weekends are more DJ orientated. See our events guide for more information.

We also offer a large selection of draught lager, traditional cask ales, speciality imported world beers and premium packaged larger and ciders!

Fosters / Cider / Cask / Smooth - £2.75 ; Red Stripe / Kronenburg - £2.90 ; Bottles of House Wine (Red / White / Rose) £8.00 ; Doubles and Mixer - £3.40 Non alcoholic drinks are also available. Food is served daily. Please see our menu for more information. All our food is freshly cooked, home made and locally sourced!

The World famous Attic Night ClubTangled

The Attic Night Club is NOW OPEN! After a short stint in the hands of some dedicated individuals the Attic is now fully refurbished and sporting all round improvements to the sound system. The Audio is amazing and now boasts clearer bass and sharper vibes! Having entrusted some of the UK's finest engineers to rework the roof of the building we can safely say everything is gained and nothing has been lost in the quality of the sound, the atmosphere just got better and everyones talking about it!

Featured - Whats on Tuesday?

Dont flamin' well sit at home and watch endless re-runs of Reality TV! Get out and get some action! Make Tuesday's an event to remember and get your backsides down here to the Thirsty Scholar for TUESDAY TONY PRESENTS! You could do a hell of a lot worse than have a few beers at happy hour prices then kick back till 8pm when Tuesday Tony Presents, showcases the best live acts this side of Manchester.

Featured - Whats goin' on upstairs?

attic_redIn my case, not a lot. In the case of any celebrity heiress, even less. However, if you were asking what the heck is going on in the World famous Attic Night Club then where should we start? Well apart from that clever gizmo they use to electrify tins of Guiness, (and that thing for opening bottles of alcopops - whats it called?) they have some Crazy Autumn Specials comin' up and a load of other exclusives, too many to list here so we suggest you go here for update.....

Veggie & Vegan pub grub

We now serve a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan pub grub! Not hungry? We also have a selection of organic ciders and beers and vegan wine! Classic British pub grub and world food from ciabatta toasties to Jamaican curry and Tex Mex. If your mooching around Oxford Road at lunch time we urge you to come on in and try out Special Pop Cafe all day Breakfast!

Check out our facebook page for Mods Cafe Opening Times
Late Night Party Food on Request.


Pub Grub

What people have said about our food!

Manchester now has an all vegetarian city centre pub! The Chef from the much missed Mod Pop cafe is now the chef here and the veggie and vegan food has completely taken over the menu with a meat free kitchen, they dont even sell beef crisps anymore.


Tuesday Tony Presents

Thursday night fry up